Hello! I’m Karl-Joel, an illustrator living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My illustrations are mainly focused on people, plants and interiors. I get my inspiration from everyday life, art history, music and movies. My aim is to draw images which a lot of people can relate to. Therefore, when illustrating people, I strive to do it in a way that does not immediately or clearly decide the depicted’s gender.

I’ve worked with editorial illustrations, illustrations for greeting cards, record covers and branding. Looking forward, I would love to work with illustrations for food related projects and for packaging. 
I’m always open to and interested in taking on new formats.
Selected clients:

Afar Magazine
Condé Nast (Bon Appétit/ Healthyish)
Condé Nast Britain (Tatler)
Crush Collection
Future Classic
Mosaic Science
The Plant
University of Gothenburg
Värmlands Museum
Wrap Magazine
Quadrille Publishing

Konstfack - MFA in Visual Communication (2018– 20)
HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts - BFA in Design (2013–16)
KV Art School - Image and Spatial Design (2012–13)
Linnaeus University - Advertising, Graphic Design and Visual Communication (2011–12)
Printed matter:

Nice prints available in my shop! ;)

Risograph print available at The Archipelago Press
10 art cards available at Wrap Magazine (and their retailers)
Two giclée prints available at at Mästerverk (sold out)
Two risograph prints available at Yuck Print House
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